All Ears! Listening and Language Center is a preschool for children who have hearing loss, whose parents have chosen the spoken language option of communication for their child. All Ears! is built on auditory-verbal principles where children participate in intensive listening, language and speech activities with a small teacher to student ratio, including one-on-one auditory verbal therapy. The children are then given opportunities to practice their skills alongside their hearing peers within an accredited preschool setting. Families also learn these principles so they can create listening and language opportunities for their children outside the classroom.

All Ears! is dedicated to empowering children with hearing loss to develop listening and spoken language and assisting them as they transition to kindergarten. When children with typical hearing enter kindergarten, 90% of what they know has been “overheard” through incidental listening. Children with hearing loss, however, must learn to listen and speak. They benefit significantly from having children with typical developing language as role models.

All Ears! hosts Family Night once a month where families meet for a casual dinner, parent coaching sessions and mentoring in a variety of areas. Childcare is provided.

All Ears! Listening and Language Center will complement the educational opportunities that hearing impaired children receive within the surrounding independent school districts with a focus on family and early intervention.

All Ears! is located within the Early Learning Program at The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church and is a nonprofit program supported by Be An Angel (www.beanangel.org). All donations are made to Be An Angel and then remitted in full to All Ears!


For more information about All Ears! Listening and Language Center email info@allearscenter.org.