Board Members

Lee Rech, J.D., serves as the Chair of the All Ears! Listening and Language Center Board of Directors.  Lee received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and her law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston.  Lee has practiced in the field of medical malpractice defense and, most recently, was a prosecutor and Chief of the Civil Division of Special Prosecution Unit of Texas until 2013.  Lee is the proud mother of Anna, who was born profoundly deaf.  With the advent of cochlear implants and aggressive auditory-verbal therapy, Anna is a successful honor student who loves publicly speaking about her journey as a child with a hearing loss. Over the years, Lee has been an active advocate for educational and social issues impacting children who are deaf and hard of hearing. She serves on the board of directors of the Alexander Graham Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language.  She and her husband Steve were named 2014 Honorees of Houston’s Center for Hearing and Speech and served as Gala Chairs in 2008.  Lee is a past member of the board of directors of the Houston Ear Research Foundation.

Karen Seefeldt is serving as Treasurer on the All Ears! Listening and Language Center board of directors. She has a BBA degree, majoring in Accounting, from the University of Oklahoma and is a CPA (inactive). Her industry experience includes positions as Assistant Controller, Technical Writer, and Planner. She and her family are longtime members of Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church (WCPC), and all of her children attended Early Learning Program (ELP) preschool. Much of her time is spent raising her three boys, Scott, John, and Henry. She and her husband, Mark, have a place in their hearts for special needs children and Karen is honored to be on the All Ears! Board of Directors.

Pam Higdon is the Secretary for the All Ears! Listening and Language Center
Board of Directors.  She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in

Sociology and an Elementary Education teaching degree from LSU.  Pam has taught at both the elementary and preschool levels.  Her 10-year-old daughter, Brooke, has a profound bilateral hearing loss but has a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid on the other. Although Pam and her husband, Johnny, knew very little about raising a child with hearing loss, they plugged into a network of teachers, therapists, and experienced professionals to support Brooke in developing listening and spoken language skills. Brooke is in 4th grade and has been with mainstream hearing peers since kindergarten. She loves music, dancing, gymnastics and playing with friends.  Pam is determined not to let her daughter’s hearing loss hold her back; she continually strives to support and improve Brooke’s listening and spoken language skills.

Excited to be on the board, Pam always seeks opportunities to help children and parents plug into the awesome network of people who truly care about the success of hearing impaired children.

Karen Solcher, Ph.D. is former chair and a current board member for All Ears! Listening and Language Center. Her graduate degrees are from Texas A&M in the field of Educational Psychology. Karen taught special needs children in several public school districts before completing her career in Community Development, for Humble ISD. She has served in multiple capacities on charitable boards and as a speaker/advocate for philanthropic organizations. Karen and her husband, Ray, participate in regular mission trips to Latin America, where they work with a team to test and fit children with hearing aids. She especially enjoys participating in the children’s education program at their church in Bentwater.

Gina DeBottis Metts is a member of the All Ears! Listening and Language Center Board of Directors. Gina received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from LeMoyne College and her law degree from South Texas College of Law. After practicing law as a prosecutor for 22 years including 13 years as executive director of a statewide agency, Gina retired in 2015. Gina became interested in advocacy for hearing-impaired children when her dear friend Lee Rech’s daughter was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in 1997. In addition to serving on the board of All Ears! Listening and Language Center, Gina also serves on the statewide board of directors for the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas and the board of directors for Texas Appleseed. Previously, Gina served on the Walker County Children’s Protective Service board of directors. Gina and her husband, Mark, live in Houston.

Mary Lynn Draudt joins our Board of Directors bringing many years of experience in the business world, working currently as the Corporate Controller for Retirement Horizons Inc., a full-service retirement benefits consulting firm.  Mary Lynn has been with the firm for 15 years and has served previous positions within the finance arena as well. She is a graduate of Thomas More College with a BA in Business Administration and an AA in Economics and Information Systems.  Mary Lynn also serves as Treasurer for the Kathy S. Harkey Breast Cancer Foundation.  She has two daughters, both freshman, in high school and college respectively.

Georgia Samford is a member of the All Ears! Listening and Language Center Board of Directors. She has her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in Elementary Education. She has taught public school at the elementary level and is currently teaching preschool. Georgia has a daughter, Kennedy, who was born deaf and now has bilateral cochlear implants. Kennedy has received speech services since she was 13 months old and has attended All Ears! for 2 years. She will attend mainstream public Kindergarten next year with her normal hearing peers due to all of her ongoing services, support, and hard work.  Georgia has a passion to help hearing impaired families and children since it was a challenging time in her family’s lives. She wants to offer the families at All Ears! the encouragement and support they need so that their children can be successful listeners and speakers like Kennedy.

Yvette Williams is a founding board member of All Ears! Listening & Language Center.  Yvette has owned an independent Mary Kay Cosmetics business since 1997 and has been an active community volunteer.  She is a sustaining member of the Junior League of the Woodlands and also currently volunteers for HOPE-the Will Herndon Research Fund for Juvenile Batten Disease and Be An Angel Fund.  Yvette and her husband, Mike, have traveled with Hearing Aids for Latin America to Mexico to help test and fit children with hearing aids.  They also have two young adult sons of whom they are very proud.  For fun, Yvette enjoys playing golf and tennis and is a member of The Woodlands Country Club, where she is an active member and past-president of the Women’s Golf Association.

Marco A. Giannotti, MD, FACOG
Dr. Giannotti is a native of The Woodlands, Texas.  Having graduated from high school at McCullough in 1985, he went on to The University of Dallas where he received a BS in Biology and met his wife Barbara.  From there he attended medical school at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston in the Texas medical center where he graduated with honors.  Dr. Giannotti chose to pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology and entered specialty training in 1993 at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Upon completion of residency training he returned to The Woodlands where he has been practicing since 1997.
Dr. Giannotti practices the full scope of obstetrics and gynecology in his hometown community.  He has served as President of the medical staff at Memorial Hermann the Woodlands and currently serves as Chairman of the Quality Review Committee and Memorial Hermann.  He and Barbara have two children (Annalisa and Gianluigi) who are both in college.  Delivering hundreds of babies on an annual basis he is very excited for the opportunity to serve on the All Ears! Board and looks forward to finding new ways to help newborns get the help they need to quickly get on the path to listening and speaking.